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Course Description

About this course :- Arduino uno is a small computer used to connect the physical world to the digital world. Introduced in the early 2000s as a tool for design students who had no experience in electronics programming, it has become the most popular electronics prototyping tool, especially for IoT product development Arduino workshop will focus on getting you up and running with Arduino quickly, so that you will understand the basic procedures for working with Arduino and can explore further on your own. An Arduino is a small computer that you can program to control things like lights or motors along with listening to components like motion detection sensors. It can give your project interactivity without needing an expensive and large circuit. Instead, you use a computer to program the Arduino, upload your code to the Arduino, and hook up your circuit. The duration of this workshop will be 4 days properly divided into theory and hand on practical sessions. Certificate of participation will be provided by PROJECT ELEMENT.


Introduction to Open Source platform

  • An Overview of Open Hardware
  • Arduino Board Description

Introduction to Microcontroller

This session would deal with the basics of Microcontroller. The focus will be on the AVR Micro controller, which is one of the most powerful and widely used 8 bit microcontroller.

  • What is Microcontroller?
  • Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers & the Arduino Platform
  • How can we use microcontroller in our circuits

Introduction to Programming Language

  • Microcontroller Programming using Embedded 'C'

Introduction to software tool chain

  • Software Installation
  • Getting started with the Arduino IDE to start writing your first program
  • Writing your First 'Embedded C' Program


Interfacing of I/O devices


  • Types of LEDs.
  • How LEDs works?
  • How LEDs will glow in sequence?
  • Interfacing of LED with Arduino


  • Types of switches
  • Their Functions
  • Interfacing of switch with Arduino


  • Types of Buzzer
  • Uses of Buzzer in Real Time
  • Interfacing of Buzzer with Arduino

Day 3

Display Devices

  • Types of Display Devices
  • What is a Seven Segment Display?
  • How to glow Seven Segment?
  • Interfacing of Seven Segment with Arduino
  • Multiplexing

Ultrasonic Sensor

  • What is Ultrasonic Sensor?
  • Use of Ultrasonic Sensor.
  • What is Resolution?
  • Interfacing of Ultrasonic Sensors with Arduino.
  • Detecting obstacle and measuring distance using Ultrasonic sensor.

Day 4


What is Potentiometers?

  • Use of Potentiometers
  • Interfacing of Potentiometers with Arduino

Servo Motor

  • What is Servo Motor?
  • Use of Servo Motor
  • Interfacing of Servo Motor with Arduino.

Certification of participants by PROJECT ELEMENT

Project to be Covered

  • Use of potentiometer
  • Blinking LED using Arduino
  • Use of servo motor
  • Control servo motor using Arduino
  • Use of seven segment display
  • Counter using Seven Segment
  • Use of ultrasonic sensor
  • Distance Measurement using Arduino