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COURSE 1: Ardiuno Basic (₹1,999)
This course is ideal for students in design or electronics who want to strengthen their skills in interactive electronics.
How to program an Arduino microcontroller
Ways to interface Arduino with analog and digital sensors (detecting things like light, noise, or pressure).
How to use a software library to control motors, lights, sounds, and more.
Arduino Book will be provided.
Development of more than fifteen mini projects will be taught during the Arduino Basics course.
Course Timeline: 12 Days (Location: Bangalore, Patna)
COURSE 2: Ardiuno Advance (₹6,499)
You will learn about electronics and programming, starting from the very basics and building up to mastery of the Arduino platform.
You will learn how to use sensors to detect external events, such as light or sound, and how to perform an action linked to these events.
Learn controlling any device using gesture. Learn how to develop gesture based robo car.
Learn the use of ultrasonic sensor. Develop obstacle detector device. Also learn to build ultrasonic range meter.
Use of 16*2 bit and O-led display.
Learn about moisture, humidity & temperature sensor.
Learn the use of optical sensor. Develop line follower robot based on it.
Learn how to control a device using voice control and google assistant.
Learn Home Automation.
A total of 15 mini projects and 6 major projects will be taught during the Arduino Advance course.
Course Timeline: 30 Days (Location: Bangalore, Patna)
COURSE 3: Web Designing Bootcamp (₹7,499)
Introduction Of HTML
Introduction Of CSS
Introduction Of PHP
Introduction To Domain Registration
Introduction Of Web Hosting
Step By Step Web Projects
Course Timeline: 21 Days (Location: Patna)

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